Vertcore (Auto'Prod)
Producer: Axel Moreno/Galdric Marcotte
Number of discs: 1

Album (released 2015) : Collisions
Format : White Vinyl 180g Gatefold CD + Poster // 300 copies

Side A:
1. Lights Interaction
2. Missed Target
3. A New Rising Sun (For N.M)
Side B:
4. The Human Noise Wave Future
5. Landscape Reassembly

Axel Moreno : Guitar, Synths, Vocals, Drums
Galdric Marcotte : Bass, Vocals, Drums
Antoine Marchal : Drums ( on ‘A New Rising Sun (For N.M)’ )

Recorded and mixed by Benjamin Levy ( and Oratrism at “Crafty-Draft Studio” from August 5st to 13th 2013.
Produced by Axel Moreno and Galdric Marcotte.
Artwork by Michelange Moreno

Copyright 2017 © Oratrism